montage of iron working photos

A Family Built Strong

Iron Masters is not a factory. They are a family forged in fire.

Founded in 1952, Iron Masters began as a simple blacksmith shop. Over the course of six decades, they’ve built a reputation for quality, ingenuity, and craftsmanship.

Owner Robert Bryan started with the company since 2002, and has since built a team of craftsmen who do more than assemble and weld—they create one-of-a-kind solutions made to last for generations.

“This is where the company started. This is where we are now. There are no shortcuts.”

Iron Masters proudly puts its name on each product. The individual smith stamps their initials and date of production on each piece. “If we are not willing to put our name on it, then it’s not ready for our customers.”

At the end of the day, you can typically find the Iron Masters team sharing a cold beer, discussing the day’s work, and tomorrow’s challenges. They usually solve most of the world’s problems as well.

It takes a family built strong to create quality that will stand the test of time.

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